AUTONOVA owns the know how and the equipment for fabrication of products by:

    - Cold pressing of plate sheets
    - Machining operations
    - MIG MAG and spot welding
    - Assembling and checking operations

    Cold pressing operations

    Existing pressing and cutting equipment:
    Cutting, punching, deep drawing for plate sheets width <= 3 mm[/li] [li]Abkant[/li] [li]Guillotine[/li] [/list][/1of3][1of3]

    Machining operations

    SComplex products obtained by turning, boring, threading, milling, grinding. The performance equipment (CNC lathes, vertical and horizontal CNC centres, classic machine tools) allow high class precision, high productivity and serial production.

    Assembling operations

    Performance dedicated assembling lines by using:
    • Poka Yoke systems
    • Assembling and checking automatic systems
    • Assembling stations with video camera
    • MIG MAG automatic stations (by robots)
    • Spot welding