About us

    The main mile stones of the company history

    AUTONOVA is a 100% Romanian-capital private company, which operates both in the production of assemblies and components for automotive and non-automotive industries and in the field of design and fabrication of hydraulic brake equipment for vehicles.

    With more than 60 years of activity, AUTONOVA passed many transformations and today we are a competitive company, able to offer to its partners feasible and stable solutions.

    We are recognized and appreciated as a stable partner which offers the best solutions to our customers, a partner which in a changing world, evolving in a sustainable and durable way and involves itself in social responsibility programs.
    Our mission is to offer to automotive and other industrial branches, a wide range of best quality products, by encouraging and implementation of proactive culture and excellence in activity.

    Autonova S.A. assures customers and partners satisfaction related to quality, durability and utility and, to the share owners, the company offers stability and increasing of value and profitability. All these are enhanced by our concern toward our employees and environment protection.

    • Customers satisfaction
    • Inovation
    • Stability
    • Professionalism
    • Flexibility
    • Transparency
    • Employees involvement
    • Environment protection
    • Prosperity by diversity
    • Added value for share owners
    • 2019 – Start off serial production for Huf Romania (3 projects) and Makita Romania (2 projects)

    • 2018 -Selected in 5 new projects, 3 in automotive ( Huf Romania) and 2 in non-automotive (Makita Romania)

    • 2017 – Infrastructure modernization project / extension of existing bussiness,increasing production capacity for PUNCHPOWERtrain and VIBRACOUSTIC

    • 2016 – Start of serial production for VIBRACOUSTIC / extension of existing bussiness with two customers ( increasing production capacity)

    • 2015 – Selected in 4 new projects – two in automotive industry (RTR ; VIBRACOUSTIC) and two in non automotive industry

    • 2014 – Selected in 2 new projects – one in automotive industry (DACIA) and the other in the non automotive (ABLOY OY)

    • 2013– Start of serial production for PUNCHPOWERtrain and ASSA ABLOY

    • 2012 – Start of 2 new projects, one for automotive industry for PUNCH POWERTRAIN BELGIUM and the othe one in non automotive industry for MAKITA ROMANIA

    • 2011 – Start of 3 new projects for DACIA-RENAULT

    • 2007 – Extension of power brakes and load proportional valves family for DACIA LOGAN

    • 2004 – Stars the fabrication of power brakes under DELPHI license and load proportional valves by own design in the project DACIA LOGAN

    • 1996 – The company is privatized, based on the mass privatization program initiated by the Romanian Government.
      Starts the fabrication of hydraulic clutch equipment for DAEWOO

    • 1991 – The entreprise is transformed in stock exchange company and its name become AUTONOVA

    • 1982 – Starts the fabrication of hydraulic brake equipment for DACIA, under BENDIX design

    • 1978 – Starts the fabricaton of hydraulic brake and clutch equipment for ARO vehicles, under GIRLING license

    • 1974 – The company is transformed in INTREPRINDEREA DE PIESE AUTO, in the same time with the start of production of hydraulic brake and clutch equipment for trucks, under KNOR and TEVES license
    • 1954 – The company was created under the name UZINA DE REPARATII AUTO

    Autonova's certifications


    ISO 9001


    ISO 14001


    ISO 45001


    SA 8000 : 2014


    IATF 16949:2016


    General manager and Operating director

    Ing. Ioan HAIDUC
    00 40 261 726170

    Financial director

    Ec. Rodica BOTA
    00 40 261 759705


    Dr. Ciprian Dan COSTEA
    00 40 728 727475